AQA GCSE Music – FULL mark appraisal

A number of people have asked me if I have any examples for Appraisals that received full marks. Well I do! The one linked to here is from last year and it received 20/20. The composition interestingly achieved 18/20.

I hope that by reading this you will be able to more fully support your students and don’t forget to read my previous blog post about Unit 2. There are lots of different approaches, but this might help. The key is to make sure the students prepare for the 2 hour TYPE UP session – yes, type it up, I always get students to submit a typed version that is clearly laid out etc.

So here is a PDF of the full mark appraisal, let me know if you have any questions:


Appraisal PDF:

AQA GCSE Unit 2 Full Mark Appraisal

Previous Blog on Unit 2:

AQA GCSE Music Unit 2


  1. I think it is worth saying that the answer to question 1 is quite long and could easily be condensed. But ultimately this was typed up in 2 hours and submitted and got full marks! But who’s to say that a shortened version wouldn’t have also got full marks. Content is key rather than length!

  2. Whoever this student was they must be very talented and gifted, yet humble. It looks like they’ve put a lot of effort in and it’s defiantly paid off!! Bravo!!

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