Why the Music Expo is so important!

Next week is the Music Expo in London and despite always being fairly packed I am sure there are lots of music teachers who miss out.

Getting time out of school is hard I hear you cry!

Well yes, it can be, but you never know until you ask and frankly it is worth paying for the train ticket or whatever to get there as the whole thing is totally free. But how should you approach this with SLT:

  1. Approach it! Don’t shy away from asking for the time, push for both days, but if not then go for one or the other. Look at the programme online and work out which one is best for you. Go in on Monday morning and ask if you can go!
  2. It is FREE CPD! Now that is the real selling point. Totally free! And if they say there is no budget to cover train fare then pay yourself because it is worth it.
  3. Remind them how important music is to the life of the school. It is a subject that provides extra curricular opportunities for the school. If you department isn’t currently doing that then this is even more important! You need to go along to get inspired.
  4. Link it to your performance management somehow. If you have a target to raise attainment then suggest how the expo will help you to do that. Go back to the CPD thing!
  5. Bring someone from SLT along to it. Mention the big names that are appearing – government ministers etc. Say that you will get ideas about Ofsted! Sell the event! Do some research about specific things that are happening and link to the wider school.
  6. It is a great place to network, and that is key in this day and age.
  7. Approach it professionally and mention all the buzz words that SLT like to hear

I believe strongly that music is crucial for all schools in this country. But we are having a rough time with it and having to work really hard to keep music alive in schools. And so it is so important that we have gatherings like this to exchange ideas and get that much needed inspirational boost. I love the Expo and I am really looking forward to going. I am never out of school and so maybe it is easier for me. I don’t have days off sick or attend spurious courses. And so my school are supportive. I guess if you can’t get the support then that is tough, but then what you need to do is reflect on why ahead of next year.

So┬áI guess what I am saying is, don’t miss out on this! It is free and you can book tickets online! Hope to see you there.

Oh and by the way I am not being paid to say this or anything! I just really do think that the Music Expo is a remarkable thing and crucial for music educators!

See you there!



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