Creating Discussion

In this Focus on Sound Pro blog I want to look at how it can be used for creating discussion. You might think that FoS is all about lessons and quick quizzing, but it is much more than that. It is possible to create discussion style questions that your students can complete within the platform. […]

Lessons in Focus on Sound

For GCSE Music teachers there is always the need for additional resources. Students learn in different ways, sometimes need to learn from home and might need to be left cover work. The Lessons in Focus on Sound Pro are a great way to support learning and give pupils something extra. Gone are the days where […]

Active Revision

Active Revision is much more than reading cue cards or pages of notes. Active revision is where the students take on board what they know, what they need to know and how they are going to fill in the gaps. In this Focus on Sound Pro blog I will be considering how I am using […]

Quick Quizzing

Focus on Sound Pro is great for Quick Quizzing. You can easily create a quiz and share it with your students. FoSP doesn’t call it Quick Quizzing, but I like the phrase and I love what I can do in FoSP. This is a third blog in my series looking at Focus on Sound Pro. […]

Dictionary Corner

This is the second part in my new series that is looking at Focus on Sound Pro. Last week I gave you a quick introduction, but this week I want to look at the dictionary and how it can be used for “Dictionary Corner”. Countdown It won’t take you long to realise where this term […]

Focus on Sound Pro

This year I have been using Focus on Sound Pro more than ever. During lockdown it provided so much for my students, but now I am using it more & more in the classroom. Having integrated it with Teams, I am finding that setting work is easier than ever. In this new blog series I […]