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Quick Quizzing

Focus on Sound Pro is great for Quick Quizzing. You can easily create a quiz and share it with your students. FoSP doesn’t call it Quick Quizzing, but I like the phrase and I love what I can do in FoSP. This is a third blog in my series looking at Focus on Sound Pro. In this blog I will look at how to create a quick quiz and also how to use it effectively in lessons.


Retrieval is a big buzz word in education at the moment. But it is something that teachers have been doing for years – just maybe not enough a times. It is a simply thing really, but also a deeply complex cognitive process. If you want to know more about Retrieval then I would recommend the book “Retrieval Practice” by Kate Jones

Last lesson you may have covered lots of key terms & concepts. You will therefore be right to think about quizzing the students on these terms. This is retrieval and the students will benefit massively from the chance to see what they remember. This is best placed at the start of the lesson and it is a great Do it Now style task.

Lets look at how we can do this in Focus on Sound Pro

Creating a Quick Quiz

Firstly you will need to think about the words, terms or knowledge that you covered in the last lesson. You might like to write a list, or create a mental list. Now let’s log on to FoSP and see what we can do with this list.

You are going to need to navigate to “My School” and then click on “Custom Tests” and finally “Add New”.

Give the test a name and then you need to keep the default test type – Random test based on list of terms. This is where you list from last lesson will come in to play.

You are now going to tell FoSP what terms you want to be included in this test. You don’t have to do anything else, just tell FoSP and it will do all the hard for you.

As you can see above, I have typed in some key terms and then added them to my “test”. This is a quick way of making a quick quiz. Once you have your list of terms, FoSP will make the test and you can then publish this and share it with your students. You can add it to a lesson or just share the test with students. I will look at lessons in a future blog.

Create on the go

Retrieval is crucial and the above process is a great way to start a lesson with a review of the last. But you might like to also consider creating a quiz as you go through the lesson. It is easy to have this window open, adding words as they come up in the lesson. This will make the quiz completely unique to that lesson and students will leave with a good idea of their progress. All you need to do is type in words and build your list of terms on the go!

Quick Quizzing

It isn’t “Rocket Science” but it is really useful. Quick Quizzing is all about making something for students that helps with retrieval and reflection. As a teacher you can make a quiz or test quickly and easily and then share with students. If you have FoSP linked to your learning environment (teams, google) then these tests can be quickly shared. You can then get the results back and students can track their progress.

Why not create a quick quiz now and you will see how easy it is. But once created, you will begin to see the power of this wonderful feature in FoSP.

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