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This year I have been using Focus on Sound Pro more than ever. During lockdown it provided so much for my students, but now I am using it more & more in the classroom. Having integrated it with Teams, I am finding that setting work is easier than ever. In this new blog series I want to share with you one aspect of Focus on Sound every week in order to support you & encourage you to sign up.

What is it?

Focus on Sound Pro is a cloud based software that is provided by Music First. It is a dictionary of music, a library of instruments, a set of lessons and a whole load of tests. It is in many ways a gold mine of resources, lessons, tests and terms. Suitable for Key Stages 3-5, Focus on Sound Pro is a one stop shop for your students.

Cost? Worth It?

In terms of cost, it is not expensive, but you need to get in touch with Music First to see what plan works best for you. All I can say is that my budget is basically non-existent at school and I still prioritise this software. Is it worth it, yes. I now use Focus on Sound Pro in every lesson I teach. Whether it be getting Year 9 to research a key term or asking Year 11 to complete a listening test. Focus on Sound Pro is something I use all the time and therefore I think it is well worth it and great value for money.

Week One Top Tip

I want to keep these blogs short because I know that teachers have plenty to read. So here is my Week One Top Tip.

Use Focus on Sound Pro consistently in lessons to get students engaged in active listening to key terms. If we want our students to understand a key term, then it is good to get them hearing it in context.

Take for example a Perfect Cadence. They can look this up on Focus on Sound and then not only hear it, but also see it. This page will then link to other pages, and they will begin to build up their knowledge. Now I will say that I like to show students things at the piano and on the board. But the beauty is that this encourages them to research key terms when they are at home. Knowing that they have access to a library of all they need is really encouraging

Searching for a Key Term in Focus on Sound Pro

Next Steps

So, if you don’t have it already, get a demo of FoS Pro. If you have it, then get your students logging in at the start of every lesson so that they are ready to research at any point in the lesson. It seems obvious, but it is a good habit to get in to!

And do keep an eye out for my weekly Focus on Sound Pro tip!


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