GCSE Revision

GCSE Revision & Triptico

If you are looking for a fun way of delivering a revision lesson on key terms then look no further than this wonderful website:


Now I must firstly thank my colleague Paul who showed me this last year and then reminded me of it the other day when I forgot the name of it. It is one of those websites that is so useful for revision lessons as it is so engaging.

It isn’t free – I will start by saying that, but at £15 for a year it isn’t bad and well worth the investment. What does it do I hear you ask?

I guess in essence it creates interactive games/tasks that can be used in lessons to help bring a bit of fun and competition.

Take this one for example – What’s The Question?

You give them a load of key terms – answers – and they have to work out what the question is. Each panel in the game has a different number of points and so teams select which ones they want to go for. You decide on the terms, questions and points, and so a harder key term would have more points! It is really hard to explain and so please do visit the site and have a  look at it and see the pictures below to get a feel for this. You control it on the screen and click on the panels for them etc. There are lovely sound effects if they get it wrong or right and a bit of healthy competition is really helpful.


Another good game on the site is a bit like that classic TV show – Blockbusters – on the site it is called Connect. In this game they have to link tiles from the top to the bottom. They are given a letter or two, the first letters of the key term. They select a letter, get a question and have to guess what the word is. Again, easier to see it than explain it:

So that is a very brief introduction to Triptico. There is loads more on the site and lots of useful tools. I can’t tell you enough how much this will change a lesson. It is really fun and engaging and students really do learn from it. The classes I have used this with have thrived on the healthy competition and have left with a real buzz. Perfect to spice up a revision lesson on key terms and well worth the £15. Take a look and see what you think!

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