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Musical Theatre Diaries Pt. 7

Well show week has arrived and what an amazing week we have ahead of us. This weekend was tough – set arrived, costumed arrived and orchestra arrived. But all the hard work was worth it and I just can’t wait to share this show with the audiences this week. We have a sell-out show and I am so proud of what everyone has achieved.

I have learnt so much doing Beauty & The Beast and it has again reminded me of why I love my job. I have been putting on shows for a number of years, but I am always learning and every year something else comes along that helps me to grow in my role. I love working with an amazing team of adults and students who all just want the best for the show.

But the one thing I have been reminded of once again, it is always worth it. The long hours, the hard rehearsals, the extra work. It is all worth it and I am just so thrilled to have had a chance to work on another great show! What an amazing job we have as music teachers and drama teachers. We get to work with young people who are making memories that will stick with them for life. Forgive the cheesy cliche, but beauty is often found within. It isn’t always obvious what a blessing our job can be when we are bogged down in marking and coursework. The national challenges and cuts we are facing are mind-boggling and far from easy. But deep within all of that there is a beauty to our job that we really do need to find and hold on to. So I have learnt that again this year and hope to continue to learn that over and over again in the future. Look deep and find the beauty!

I am not sure what else to say ahead of this week, so I just wanted to share some of our Dress Rehearsal pictures with you and I will write my final Beauty & The Beast post on Friday!

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  1. I love musicals so much and have only been in the audience, but while watching, I sometimes feel like a character in the show. I have seen touring productions, college productions and Broadway and West End productions

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