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Remixing Music with Future DJs

For a while now I have wanted to remix the music in my school and as a result I have been looking for something new to offer my students. But what does remixing music look like for my school and how could I make it happen?

Having done some research, I decided that remixing music with Future DJs was the way forward. For me, it really is the future for music in my school and it will add an exciting strand to what I already offer.

Future DJs

If you don’t know anything about Future DJs then you might like to visit their website and find out more – futuredjs.org. In essence they are a fairly new company who provide DJ-ing lessons in schools. Think peripatetic lessons on decks and that is basically what they are all about.

I first heard about them at the wonderful Music Education Expo. Having attended this workshop I was blown away by the potential. Not only the potential for students who want to DJ, but the potential for students who want to be creative with composition. I left that presentation wanting to do something and now I find myself remixing music in my school.

The Roadshow

The first thing that Future DJs will do is offer you a roadshow. This is a recruitment gig, a chance to share DJ-ing with students. I had my roadshow early on this term and it was just the best day. Two professional DJs arrived at school along with a representative from Future DJs. I gathered Year 9 & 10 into our main hall and just let the DJs do their thing.

It was amazing, and the whole setup that they had really brought DJ-ing to life. They set up a camera over the decks and this was projected onto a big screen. Students hear the music but also they could see it in action. I found it quite mesmerising to watch the hands of the DJs as they mixed, shaped and crafted the sound. The technical side of DJ-ing was clear and apparent from the start, and the sound was stunning. The roadshow was loud, inspiring and a huge success for my school. Oh, and it was totally free.

Next Steps

Once you have had the roadshow it is then all about recruitment. I have been inundated with students signing up to learn how to DJ. They are excited by the thought of something new and fresh, and I must admit I am excited too. I think what appealed to the students was the technical side of DJ-ing as well as the sound they can make. The vibrancy of the music that we heard at the roadshow was enough to inspire anyone. One member of my SLT was even keen to start having lessons.o

Why Bother?

If you has asked me about DJ skills a few years ago I would probably have brushed it off and not really taken it seriously. I would have wrongfully assumed that it wasn’t really something I needed to pursue in school and something that only a handful of students would be interested in.

Now I am a changed man and I have seen first hand how engaging this art form is. The students who have signed up are clearly excited about learning a new skill. This skill that could lead them into a profession one day but above all they could use it for a GCSE performance. Future DJs have provided me with a fresh vision for my school. They have also inspired my students and created a real buzz about music.

Remixing Music

Remixing music in my school is something I like to do every year, and now I am literally bringing remixing into the mix! My goal is to see students learning to DJ and make DJ-ing part of my future concerts and events. I want to see students learning for fun but also I want to see them using their skills to get qualifications.

If you are looking to remix music in your school then get in touch with Future DJs. But what I would say is, don’t just get them in to do a roadshow and fill some time. Work with them, come up with a vision for your school and really sell it to your students.

I can’t wait to report back on how this project has developed in my school. I can only imagine that the impact will be huge and the results will be amazing! A music tour to Ibiza is just around the corner I am sure!

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