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Twenty Twenty Vision

Twenty Twenty Vision is probably a phrase that lots of people will use over the coming days. But such vision is important as we reach the start of a new decade. Twenty Twenty Vision is what I have been thinking about. What is a vision? Do we need one? Can we really have a vision in January for our music teaching world?

Music Teacher Vision

I guess the word vision is slightly scary after a week and a half away from school. The thought of going back next week is enough to worry about, let alone thinking about what we might be doing in June! So do we need one?

Well in some respects we don’t. Sometimes we just need to survive, keep going and get the job done. It isn’t always an easy job at the best of times. Vision can’t be forced, but can be found. Vision is sometimes not a big thing, or a major project. It is an idea, a small little something we want to try.

So I think we can simplify our visions and not let them overwhelm us. I like this defition of Vision:

“the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom”

Music Teacher vision can therefore remain with our imagination and doesn’t have to be something we get bogged down in. We can have a vision for the year ahead that is open to change. Because life might change. You might get a new position, new job or a new life circumstance . Who knows! Vision starts with just thinking and the ability to do so.

So maybe we can make our visions much more open, much more fun. Visions can be enjoyable, they can be ideas we toy with and enjoy pursuing.

My Visions for Twenty Twenty

So let me share with you my visions for the year ahead because I think I have some clear thoughts in my mind. Potentially I will be different to you because I have no real intention of moving job or role and I have my life fairly mapped out outside of work. So my visions are much more me imagining the kind of year that I would love.

  1. My first Twenty Twenty Vision is to see more young people involved in music but in new ways. I want to see more rock bands, more small ensembles and more Future DJs. I love the choirs, orchestras and big bands, but I want concerts where smaller groups perform and get involved.
  2. My second Twenty Twenty Vision is to avoid coursework stress and create a world where it is organised, on time and efficient. I want to make sure that students are on top of things, know what they are doing and get the support they need to get it done.
  3. My third vision is to see exam papers marks increase through a better approach to essay skills and more focus on listening. I want to get students ready and I want them to be confident in what they are doing.
  4. My final vision for Twenty Twenty is to bring together musicians for all ages in one event. I want to have students from Year 1 right up to Year 13 all involved in at least one performance. It has always been a small dream of mine in Windsor to truly unite music making. I think it is possible and I am excited about it.

More than Vision

Despite all these ideas there is more to life than plans and visions. This year I want to live a little more love, joy & peace. I want to love more of what I do and not get bogged down in trying to be amazing all the time. I want to find more peace in my weeks, where some days are a little more normal. And most of all I want to see the joy in all those involved in music making. I want to see more students enjoying music and finding the true joy.

And I want to remember that I love my job, and I have to take the rough with the smooth. And in order to find joy in what I do I need to remember that it isn’t always easy, and some days are tough. I am not a superhuman and have to stop at some point. I won’t, you won’t and we won’t get everything right. But we can but try, and no one will blame you for the failures. We won’t reach every child, we won’t have enough time, energy or money to achieve every goal.

But lets make 2020 a year where we do imagine a better world for music education in this country. Let’s have some vision, and lets remember to find love, joy & peace in our lives because ultimately those three things will get us through.

All the best for a great year! You are doing a great job! We all are! Lets stick together through it all! Twenty Twenty Vision!

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  1. I’d love to know what you intend to do with your Year 1 – 13 students… I teach Yrs 3 – 13 and I love the vision of a whole massed performance, but I’m not really sure what or how…!
    Good luck with 2020.

    1. I have a concert every term that has students from Year 3-13 involved! But this year I am planning on creating a composition with students from across schools and year groups. I will keep you posted and do get in touch and email me if you want any further thoughts. Oh and I am doing a musical in July with students from year 3-13 involved!

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