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Curriculum Road Maps

Where do these ideas come from in teaching! Curriculum Road Maps are the new kid on the block and I am sure you have been asked to make one. The experience for me has been quite positive and I wanted to share mine with you.

What is a Curriculum Road Map?

As far as I can determine, Curriculum Road Maps are a visual guide to our curriculum. It is a way of representing what students will learn and the sequence. This is very much inline with the 3i’s in the new Ofsted Framework – Intent, Implementation & Impact.

Why Create one?

Because SLT asked me to – I am sure that is the answer for most of you reading this! But I actually think there are some really good reasons behind this.

Creating a Road Map is a chance for us to think about our curriculum and more importantly the sequence of topics. If we are going to fully consider out Intent then we need to think about how topics link throughout a term. Going through them like a journey is therefore really helpful and a chance for us to move things around.

Having created a Road Map, alongside a few other things, I now feel really clear on What I am teaching, When and Why! This is hopefully going to all pay off if I am ever in a Deep Dive situation!

Did it take long?

Not really, although I did recreate the document I was sent to try and tidy it up a bit. And I also got a bit excited adding Emojis! You can keep it as simple as you like really! Or you can make it exciting and alive in the hope that your students actually use it!

My Road Map

So here is my roadmap & template. I hope that they might be helpful to you in some way shape or form! I decided not to include too much detail on mine – mainly just the topic headings. Other documents go alongside this as well as more detailed schemes of work! I also created an Extra Curricular Road Map and a Weekly Rehearsal Road Map! I got excited, hope you find the process helpful!

Get in touch if you would like more information!


  1. Hi James
    Really like your design of your curriculum map would really like to see your Extra Curricular Road Map and a Weekly Rehearsal Road Map. Is there any chance I could have a copy. At the moment I just do them as a grid/table and they look really boring.

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