GCSE A-Level Key Stage 3

Corona Virus 2

More Resources

Having posted a blog about resources for any school closures I have continued to come up with more ideas and received more suggestions. Corona Virus 2 is my next instalment of ideas to help keep our students occupied during any potential school closures.

Classical 100

This is a great resource that has been around for a few years. It is basically 100 pieces of music that are all neatly & nicely categorised. It requires logins etc, but it is free and really useful. Work could easily be set that links to this website so do check it out if Corona Virus closes your school. Classical 100 will keep students busy for hours, and the interface is really nice.

Dorico Free

I mentioned that you can get a free version of Sibelius, but you can also get one for Dorico. It is well worth checking out this software and it gives students another option for making music. I would set them a task to create a piece of music based around the current world crisis. Or they could create a theme and variations – anything really. Just getting them to compose music at home will be a huge bonus and it will likely keep them very busy.

Cubase Free

Another great option is downloading the Free Trial of Cubase. This software will get students creating music with loops and will be a different avenue for composition. It is a great piece of software that I use regularly in class and at home.

I Can Compose

This is a fantastic website that has lots of online courses in composition. But I think a great area for students might be the inspiration section. If they are downloading free notation software, then they might need some composition inspiration. There are also Free courses on the site to download and Rachel has created some great resources! Check it out!

Online Drum Machine

I love this online app, but totally forgot about it when I wrote the previous blog. This online drum machine is great fun and teaches students a great deal about making beats and creating rhythms. Check it out and maybe think about using it in lessons in the future as well. Drumbit is great fun and students will love it.

BBC Ten Pieces

How could I forget this wonderful set of resources that are free online. BBC Ten Pieces is full of so much that students can get stuck in to and I am sure there is something for everyone. Primary & Secondary resources are included and I particularly love the Music for 18 Musicians stuff.

Seneca Learning

This was brought to my attention by someone on a Facebook group called Jenny and I am thankful to her for sharing. It is basically another online learning platform. But, and this is the great news, the Edexcel GCSE Music courses are free and really good. It is easy to sign up and create a class and assign the courses. Check it out Seneca Learning

Song Maker

This is a very similar website to others I have mentioned, but all options are good. This is another way that students can quickly and easily make music online. They may need guidance and also some review questions to make it worthwhile. But if they are occupied with music then that is surely a good thing. I think this is suitable for Primary and Key Stage 3 to be honest, but do have a look at it and see what you think.


These are nothing special, but I have given the following sheets to my GCSE & Sixth From students so that they have something to fill-in and work on at home. Alongside their revision, these sheets will help them focus on their set works. Feel free to download them and use them, I think they are fairly self explanatory:

Keep Sharing

I hope that these Corona Virus 2 resources and those on my previous blog are helpful to you. There is so much out there and I will keep posting all that I see. Please do subscribe to my blog as I will also be putting stuff on here over the coming weeks for my students. Do share this blog with colleagues and students. I am going to be letting my students know about it so that they can follow all the links.

Keep well, stay safe and try and keep going through this difficult time. And if you have any more ideas then share in the comments!

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