Great CPD

There is never a dull moment in teaching. Every day is different and we all need support and advice to navigate through the year. In this blog I wanted to highlight some great CPD that you might be interested in. Due to the pandemic and our new found love of zoom, there is more on offer than ever. Conferences, courses, webinars and blogs are everywhere, and there is something for everyone. I am amazed at how well the music sector has adapted to the Covid-19 crisis and it is great to see so much available.

This blog is a round up of loads of things that I think you might be interested in. I would suggest signing up, paying up and reading up. Great CPD is so important for us all, and taking the time to seek it out is important. I hope that this blog gives you some helpful information.

Music Ed Tec Conference UK

This conference is going to be amazing, and it is full of some wonderful CPD. You will see that I am speaking alongside some incredible music teachers, practitioners and leaders. There will be a keynote speech from the wonderful Simon Toyne and to top it off, the event is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Music Ed Tech Conference 2021. Great CPD

There are sessions for both Primary & Secondary and I know that you will leave with lots of ideas. It is taking place from 4pm on 4th & 5th May 2021. So clear the diary, get signed up and get ready for some great CPD.

Music Teacher Summit

Also coming up in June is the Music Teacher Summit and the programme is fantastic. Apologies but my name will pop up again, self promotion is not the aim of this blog! This event is taking place in 15th-17th June 2021 and each session is 16:30 – 19:00. This online conference has a variety of topics and sessions and I am really looking forward to be part of it.

The great thing about this conference is that it has a wide ranging target audience:

  • Early Years and Primary Teachers
  • Secondary Music Teachers
  • Peripatetic Music Teachers of all genres 
  • Teachers of STEM subjects
  • All classroom teachers
  • Pupil Premium coordinators
  • SEN and inclusion professionals
  • Education advisors
  • Governors

It is fantastic to have such solid CPD and I hope that you can join us. The fee to attend this online event is just £99.00 + VAT (£118.80) per person.

Music Teacher Summit 2021. Great CPD

Music Teachers Association Conference

This is the Annual conference for Music Teachers Association and it is always a great event. This is a members conference and so you will need to be a member, but I think that is no bad thing. Joining MTA will be the best thing you do this year and you will get to be part of our conferences and our monthly CPD events. You can join by clicking here.

This year it is a virtual conference on Friday 14th & Saturday 15th May. There are some amazing Keynote speakers including composer & author Howard Goodhall. The conference is all about working together creatively and I can’t wait to be part of it. I always learn so much and come away with new connections and ideas.

Music Teachers Association Conference 2021. Great CPD

Music & Drama Expo – London 2021

It won’t be long until we are back in London for the annual Music & Drama Education Expo. If you haven’t been before then this is the go to place for CPD. It is a free event and not only is there a great trade fair, but there is something for everyone in terms of CPD. The website will give you all the information you need, and I would book your place now. Let your school know that you would like to go and tell them that it is free!

Music & Drama Education Expo

More Great CPD

There are so many other places you can go for great CPD, advice, ideas and training. Here are a few other options that are not conferences but more resources, blogs, webinars and places to visit:

  1. MusicMark have a wide range of events online for members and for the sector as a whole. I would advise you visiting the website to see what is on offer.
  2. Passing Notes Education offer a range of online CPD webinars and they are fantastic. Not only are they affordable, but they are well delivered and come with loads of resources. I recently signed up for the Film music webinar and it was information, inspiring and professional. Visit the website for more information.
  3. Music Teacher Magazine now have a new website and it is packed full of so much great stuff. Some of it requires a subscription, but I have that subscription and it is well worth it. Check out their new look site and see what there is for you.
  4. Another great website for CPD on composition is I Can Compose. I have been using this in my teaching and it is fantastic. You can sign up for courses online and you can get an access plan that gives you everything over the course of the year. Do check it out as I think it is a great website.
  5. Teaching Notes Podcast is the go to podcast for Music Teachers. There are around 31 episodes to date and Patrick Johns manages to get some amazing guests. Do check it out and subscribe, you won’t be disappointed.
  6. And last but not least, I have started by own blog series called 10 Minute CPD. Check it out, short blogs to read, providing ideas and support.

Great CPD

Great CPD is everywhere and I urge you to find what works for you. It might be an online conference or zoom, or maybe membership to a new organisation. You might subscribe to a website or resource, or regularly read a blog. I know that time is always pressing, but hopefully a podcast might be useful for a journey home. And the great thing is that so much CPD is now happening online, in the evening. Although I must say that I can’t wait to be in the same room as music teachers because that is where the magic really happens.

I hope this blog has pointed you in the direction of some great CPD. Let me know if you find out about more options, stick them in the comments below.

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