Music Teacher Monday

In January 2022 I launched a new Zoom with Liz Dunbar. It is called Music Teacher Monday and I want to tell you a little more about it. I also want to make sure that you are joining us in 2023, so please visit this link for all dates and topics.

What is Music Teacher Monday?

Music Teacher Monday is a monthly zoom that seeks to bring together music teachers. Anyone who teaches music, from any sector, stage or phase – we want to gather music teachers. The idea behind the zoom is to inform, answer, inspire and support. We want the zoom to be fun, engaging and leave everyone feeling more supported and excited about teaching music. It isn’t a webinar or a presentation, it is a live chat show in some ways! Music Teacher Monday is an easy way of answering questions, sharing music education news and focussing on key topics that we all need support with.

Music Teacher Monday will be once a month, every month and each “episode” will be different. In our first “show” we looked at how we can rebuild, revive and restore music in our departments. We have also looked at topics around inclusion, extra-curricular and coursework. Sometimes we have guests on, but sometimes it is just an informal chat with Liz & I. We want you to come with questions and leave with solutions.

Who is it for?

As I said above, it really is for everyone. But I want to stress this even more. If you are involved in teaching music then this zoom is for you. I want to bring together Primary and Secondary teachers, state and private. I don’t want anyone to feel that their questions are too big or too small. Everyone needs support in some way and everyone needs a chance to listen, question and learn. So if you are a music teacher, please do join us. You don’t need to say anything, or even turn your camera on. You can just sit, watch, listen and learn. But we do love it when people ask questions and we have built up a nice community of teachers who come along every month.

Why do we need MTM?

For so many years I have been a one person department. Whilst I have had colleagues in other schools, day to day, I am the sole music teacher at my school. I currently have a colleague, but I have found myself working in isolation for a number of years. This can be tough, and not having someone to chat to at break time about music is hard. I am aware that so many colleagues work in isolation and I know how that feels. So I wanted to host a zoom that would give people a chance to feel part of something bigger. I also have a heart to support teachers and feel part of something myself.

So I guess what I am saying is that we need to unite as a sector and not feel that we are working alone. You might be part of a bigger team, which is great, but come and be part of an even bigger one!

Teacher Support

I sit on the Music Teachers Association Committee and my role is Teacher Support Lead. This means that I seek to support music teachers if and when I can. This is a big job, and it is always growing. But it is a role I am passionate about. I have been teaching music for a number of years now and I feel I am in a position to offer advice and support. But I don’t have all the answers, and the great thing is that others within MTA do.

So if you need support in any way, please do get in touch with me. If I can’t help, then I am sure someone can. Liz Dunbar from Huntington School in York, is working alongside me and we are gradually forming a team of teacher supporters!

How do I join the MTM Zoom?

It is easy to sign up for Music Teacher Monday and you can use this link to do just that. We are grateful to Music teachers Association for supporting this FREE zoom and they are able to do all of the back office admin for us. We will aim to meet towards the beginning of the month and you can always email if you need to know when we are meeting. Come along, give it a try and hopefully you will leave happier and with ideas for your own teaching.

Music Teacher Monday

Music Teacher Monday, a new idea, but hopefully something that is going to grow and become part of your monthly diary. Free CPD, support and ideas. What more can you want. 5pm, so hopefully time to get home from work or right after your Monday afternoon ensemble rehearsal. I do hope you can join us for one of the sessions and please do get in touch if you need support in any way! And I would highly recommend joining Music Teachers Association as their work is amazing and they are such a great advocate for music education and music teachers.

Music Teachers Association

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