More Unit 2 AQA Old Spec Appraisals

It would appear that the Unit 2 Appraisal that I have already blogged about has caused some issues because of its length! I guess I gave an absolute golden example from a student who could type incredibly fast and really knew their stuff. On reflection I can see that this is maybe not helpful to everyone because the average student can’t type all that fast. I think it is important to encourage students to write as much as they can but also make sure that they answer all 6 bullet points fully.

So I have dug out some more appraisals that whilst not full marks, might help you out as we reach the final push for GCSE coursework entries. There is still time to get this right for the students and give them last minute advice. They need to go into that writeup controlled assessment knowing exactly what they need to write.

So have a look at these and see what you think. If you have any thoughts or comments then let me know. Just to say that I do not work for the exam board and therefore this is just a place for guidance and advice. But these are all the marks that these pieces of work received. Also it goes without saying that I only submit work that is completed in the two hours that I give the students! I have the highest of integrity!

Hope these might help!

Unit 2 – 12 mark Appraisal

UNIT 2 – 14 mark Appraisal

Unit 2 – 12 mark Appraisal

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