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What’s IN and What’s in the BIN!

I haven’t blogged since November. Quite simply, Christmas is the fullest time of year for any music teacher. But here we are in 2019 and there are a few things I plan to BIN, and a few things that I think are IN!

I have had a few chats over the last few days about Resolutions, Habits and Change. One of the over-riding things I have learnt of late from various sources is that as people we need to try and start new Habits. As teachers we can get into Bad-habits and lack innovation. We then try and stop things rather than creating better habits. So my over-riding goal for 2019 is to create lots of new habits and hopefully they will have a positive impact.

But what are some of the things I am going to BIN and what am I going to try and bring IN?

In the BIN in 2019
  1. The first thing I plan to BIN is worrying about pleasing everyone. Students, parents, friends, family, social media followers. You simply cannot please everyone. Keeping professional and personal integrity is my main aim, but I won’t make everyone happy
  2. I plan to BIN my bad habit of putting things off. I would rather stay at work a little longer some days and get everything done. Leaving things hanging over my head simply isn’t a good plan.
  3. I want to BIN the Full Inbox and try and keep more on top of the myriad of emails I get!
  4. I want to BIN some of the schemes I have used for years in Key Stage 3 and write some new ones. Trying out new technologies is my number one aim! Cubase, Novation & Ableton are top of my list this year.
  5. I want to BIN (recycle) all of the bits & piles of paper that are dotted around my classroom and office and start a fresh. Documents I need to keep will be scanned and saved – I want to be more paperless in my musical world.
Whats IN for 2019?
  1. Something I want to bring IN to 2019 is more focuses and personalised feedback for my individual students. I want to book slots with them to really sit down and go through what they need to do in 2019.
  2. I plan to bring IN the concept that music GCSE is something that students really can achieve if they get over the hurdle of performance. Year 9 students have the ability to compose amazing music, but often don’t play an instrument. If they could embrace an instrument or singing, then GCSE music would suddenly become an option.
  3. Something I want IN 2019 is more development for my choirs in school. I want to help them to improve sight reading skills, intonation skills and general singing technique. As a result they will start to sing more advanced music.
  4. IN this year is going to be more student driven learning – metacognition is still on my mind. I want to empower students more in their own learning.
  5. My final IN for this year is to provide more support for parents of musicians. Support not only for how to help them develop as instrumental players, but how to help them at home. Some parents are musicians, but lots are not. Therefore I want to help parents to know the skills needed. This will lead to better support for students throughout their day and better results in the summer.

2019, Let’s Go!

So those are some thoughts on 2019. Note that I haven’t said I want to blog more. I kinda do want to blog more, but I will stick to blogging when I feel I have something to share and the time to share it! And what I will definitely continue to do is love teaching music, avoid moaning and keep the students are the centre of all I do.

Have a great 2019!


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