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100 Questions

I am at home creating stuff for my students and I wanted to just make sure I share it all. 100 Questions is a document that contains 100 questions. It is aimed at Edexcel GCSE Students, but could easily be adapted to change the set works.

The idea is that for the next 100 days the students have a question to work on and expand on should they wish. You could use this as a platform for them creating their own versions of this for example 50 questions for every set work, or 50 Baroque questions.

Daily Routine

I am finding that having a daily routine is really helping. We all have it when we are at school, but during this lockdown it is looking rather different. I want all of my students to be thinking about things that they can do each and every day to help them learn. I am therefore going to start to set daily challenges for them so that they always have something to do

Daily Challenges

  1. Complete the Question of the Day from 100 Questions.
  2. Practise for at least 15 minutes.
  3. Listen to a Set Work.
  4. Explore a piece of Wider Listening that you can link to a set work.
  5. Choose any other piece of music that you love & listen to it – do this whilst you work on another subject

Weekly Routine

But keeping up daily routines can also feed into a weekly routine, something that they make sure they complete at a convenient time once a week:

Weekly Challenges

  1. Record yourself performing a piece of music or put on a mini-concert at home.
  2. Do a “Big Listen” to a slightly longer piece of music – or watch a performance online.
  3. Write a Long Answer Question or Essay.
  4. Do some Wider Reading to support your music studies – The Story of Music by Howard Goodall is great!
  5. Write some music using an online piece of software or DAW.

Online Learning

There are lots of other activities that students can complete at home and these are all continued in my 2 Corona Virus blogs:

Corona Virus 1

Corona Virus 2

It is hard not being in school because composing becomes difficult, but hopefully some of the online platforms will help with that. Ultimately we need to just keep going through all of this and get into good habits and good routines.

Hopefully theses 100 questions will give you something to think about every day

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  1. Hi James,

    This is a really fantastic resource, which I will definitely use with my people. Thank you so much for sharing on your blog, which I very much enjoy reading.

    I don’t think we’ve met, but when this is all over, maybe you’d like to bring the family for a day out by the seaside to meet up and chat?

    Best wishes, DWB

    1. Thanks so much, glad it is helpful! Sounds lovely! Nice to e-meet you! Keep in touch during all of this!

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