Key Stage 3

Composing at Home 8

Stage 3 – Bringing your Ostinato to Life

For Stage 3 we are going to start to bring these Rhythms to life. In order to do this you will need a computer, laptop, tablet or phone with internet connection. We are going to use an online music making platform called Bandlab. It is totally free but you will need to use Google Chrome as your browser. Visit the following website and sign up for a Free account:

This website is totally free and there is also a free app for phones & tablets. It is easier to use on a bigger screen, but you can certainly do everything you need to do on a smaller screen. 

Composing at Home – Rhythmic Ostinato in Bandlab

The first thing we are going to do is create a Rhythmic Ostinato inside Bandlab. Watch the video below to learn exactly how to do this:

How to create your first Rhythmic Ostinato in Bandlab

Once you have watched this video you can then start to create your own Rhythmic Ostinato. It is entirely possible to create a piece of music entirely from Rhythms. There is no need for melody and this can be seen in the following video. Whilst this video isn’t Minimalist, it shows the power of layering rhythms to create Samba:

Now lets go to Page 4 to find out how to make our first Melodic Ostinato

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  1. That was really informative, for both me as a teacher, & my students. Thank you for opening up Bandlab to us!

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