Key Stage 3

Composing at Home 8

Stage 4 – Melodic Ostinato

Now that you have created a Rhythmic Ostinato you will want to create a Melodic one. Here are some examples of Melodic Ostinati for you to look at and listen to:

Melodic Ostinato 1
Melodic Ostinato 2
Melodic Ostinato 3

If you do play an instrument and have one to hand, then why not try playing these through. If you can’t read music then maybe you could listen and following and start to work out what the music is telling you.

Composing at Home – Melodic Ostinato in Bandlab

We are going to move back to Bandlab now and start to create a Melodic Ostinato. You can of course use other software or you could record your own instrumental playing. But Bandlab is Free and online, so it is quite useful.

Here is the next video to guide you through creating your first Melodic Ostinato:

How to create your first Melodic Ostinato in Bandlab

Now you might be thinking – how do I play in a Melodic Ostinato, where do I start?

In the video above I used just 4 notes to create my melody – CDE&F. In many respects it doesn’t matter what notes you use. What matters is that you experiment and try creating different patterns. Once you have something recorded, listen back to it and see if you like it. Composing is all about creating ideas, changing ideas and then making final musical decisions. 

There is no right or wrong way to create a Melodic Ostinato, so just enjoy the process. You can try changing the instrument in Bandlab and you can also try changing the tempo of the music. 

Now we move on to the final stage in our Composing at Home Minimalism Project. Move on to page 5 now.

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  1. That was really informative, for both me as a teacher, & my students. Thank you for opening up Bandlab to us!

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