New Term – 10 Minute CPD

We all need quick ideas that we can think about an implement. This new 10 minute CPD series is designed to give you something to think about every day. These are the things that I have encountered in my journey of running a music department. I will be covering curriculum, community, concerts, rehearsals, ensembles and more. I will be looking at the challenges I have faced, offering solutions that will then be useful for you. This first blog will focus on the New Term that is ahead of us. I guess it is relevant for every New Term that we face throughout the year.

Time is a Premium

We sometimes don’t have time to overhaul everything in one go. But small changes to our curriculum or extra-curricular programme can make all the difference. My aim is to get you thinking, provide you with solutions and then leave you to ask questions if you have any. What I don’t want to do is take up too much of your time. These posts will all be quick reads. It is then down to you to work out if you want to try out the ideas. Sometimes what we need is something to get us thinking. I tend to “take my ideas for a run”. This is where I go out for a nice run and do some thinking. I find that some of my best ideas are generating whilst running through Windsor Great Park! I can then put pen to paper.

We are always Learning

I believe that as a teacher I am always learning. I also want to learn. I don’t know everything and there is so much music out there to learn about. Taking time to learn new skills, ideas and pedagogy is therefore a beneficial use of time. I like to think about the small changes I can make at the start of a new term. But that then gets me thinking about the medium term and long term plan for my department. Some of these 10 Minute CPD blogs will be quick to read, but will take longer to implement. But on the flip side, I want to give you quick solutions to problems from my experience of working in a music department.

I want to learn to!

I want to learn from this experience, so please do let me know if you have any thoughts on any topic. Comment, email me or getting tweeting. I love hearing from colleagues and I find that I can learn a lot from a tweet or comment. So please do get in touch, especially if you think you have something more to add. I would also love to hear about how you are getting on with implementing any of the ideas from this series.

New Term

As we face another term we need to make sure that we approach it in a positive way:

  • Don’t get overwhelmed, tricky at times I know. Keep perspective, you will get things done and get through the first week.
  • You can’t do everything, work out what NEEDS to be done and what can wait.
  • Remember that students will always need to ease back in to the new term, especially after two or more weeks off.
  • Planning is crucial, but also flexibility to try new ideas.
  • Work out where you can take time to focus on your own CPD & wellbeing.
  • Teaching is often a marathon and not a sprint.

10 Minute CPD

I hope that enjoy this series, something for everyone I hope. Pop back every day to read something new. Do consider subscribing to my blog so that you don’t miss any posts. And please do share these ideas on Social Media if you find them helpful! I can’t wait to hear from you about any ideas you might have, starting with New Term Tips. What are you going to do this week to ensure that you kick off the new term in style! I am staying positive, smiling lots and looking for the wonderful moments that make me love being a teacher!

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