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In this 10 Minute CPD Blog I want to encourage you to Do Online CPD.

I am sure by now you have attended a webinar of some sort, but if not, what are you waiting for. There is so much out there for us teachers and I want to share a few ideas that might help. Some are free, some are linked to subject associations and some cost money. All I would say is that investing in your own teaching is vital and rewarding.

Music Teachers Association

Now I will start by saying that I am committee member of MTA so I am biased. But I honestly think that what “we” are offering at the moment is fantastic. We are offering monthly teach meets, webinars and lectures. We have sessions for ECTs, students and Heads of Department. There are monthly sessions where you can ask questions, seek advice and learn about key areas of music education. Just last month there was a session with Judith Weir and soon we have a session on Berlioz with Ed Gardiner. Join MTA and get access to a wealth of superb CPD – some of it led by me!

Passing Notes Education

Passing Notes Education are on a mission to provide affordable and quality CPD for all teachers. I have both presented for them and attended sessions, and I think they are great. They are online, but you can also access recordings after the event if you miss a session! Check out all they have on offer, from Bach Chorales to Film Music. £25 for top notch CPD is fantastic.

MusicMark Webinars

MusicMark are another subject body that provide webinars and sessions for members. Their webinars are very well organised and put together. There are opportunities to ask questions and you can also watch them back in the members area. I have learnt a great deal from watching these and there really is such a lot on the website to learn.


I know its obvious, but don’t forget that there is so much on YouTube that you can use in your own learning. But there is also a great deal that you can share with your students. When I first started teaching I would have loved YouTube. Now I fear that we maybe take for granted what is on there. Whether is be an A-Level Seminar about On Wedlock Edge or a video all about Modes. YouTube is packed full of so much great stuff.

I enjoy searching for “A History of…”. This has been great for EDM & Rock Music over the last couple of years! I also always search for “How To videos” for software that I am using. I recently searched for help with Steinberg Cubase and I found some great videos that really helped students.

I have also benefitted so much from The Voices Foundation YouTube Channel. Do check this out for support with singing in schools.

Teaching Notes Podcast

This podcast is online, so I think it counts! Podcasts are great and this one is no exception. There are regular new episodes, but also a huge back catalogue of fantastic shows. There are interviews, supportive pieces and tons of ideas and tips. I can’t recommend this enough to you all so please do subscribe.

Music Teacher Magazine

Music Teacher Magazine are now organising online conferences and there is a Music Technology in Education Conference coming up very soon. Loads of great speakers and content, and much more affordable than a day trip somewhere at £99 (+VAT). I am speaking at this event, so I guess I am biased again, but please do check it out!

I Can Compose

I Can Compose is a wonderful website that I hope you have come across already. Rachel is fantastic and I know she is now offering more and more CPD. But this website is a must visit for all music teachers. The subscription plans are great and I really do recommend the listening resources on there.

Beat Goes On

There is nothing like a bit of Body Percussion and I know that Ollie will provide you with great CPD. I know it is in person now, but there is also great stuff online! Do Check it out!

Inspire Works

This is an amazing one stop shop for all your world music needs. There are fantastic online resources and courses and Mike is the guru of all this stuff. He will of course also do in person workshops in schools. He has been in to my school and the sessions are brilliant.

Music First

Music First are doing so much for music education and regularly hold webinars and sessions. I have led a few of these for them and I always meet teachers who are in need of support with cloud services and technologies. I use Soundtrap & Focus on Sound Pro regularly and I love having them available to my students.

Do Online CPD

I hope that this 10 Minute CPD blog has given you some ideas. I would recommend you have a think about what areas you need to work on in your own teaching. Then go out and find things that will help you. Some will be free, but some you may have to pay for. But I can assure that they will be worth it – and often you don’t need to leave the comfort of your sofa!

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