Building your Calendar

Building your Calendar is an essential job ahead of September. Every year in June & July I start to think about what is going to happen next year. I hope that this 10 Minute CPD blog will get you thinking bout building your calendar.

What to include?

Start with everything you know you do every year and split them into music department events and school events that might require music. Here are some likely events that you may need to include:

  • School Open Evenings
  • Options Evening
  • Carol Service
  • Concerts
  • GCSE/A-Level recording sessions
  • Local annual events – Carnivals, Christmas carols and Fayres.
  • Hub events

Your list may be longer, but start with what you know is likely to happen.

Link with Curriculum

Linking what goes on outside the classroom with what you are doing in the classroom is a really powerful approach. If you are using an instrument in class, then you might want to offer an extra club outside of lessons. There isn’t enough time within the curriculum to fully teach any instrument.

Build in space

One important factor to consider is when you are going to create space in your calendar. Space not only for your own well being but also for students to take a breather and develop. There are only a few times in the year where the music calendar can settle. Christmas is full on, summer is full of concerts and the spring is exam season. January and February can often be lighter and it is important not to fill the space too much.

Big vs Small

Some events are big – carol services and musicals. But not every event has to be your own answer to Glastonbury or The Proms. Sometimes it is good to plan for small scale events that aren’t long or labour intensive. A 30 minute piano recital at lunchtime or a short soloist evening might be just want your calendar needs.

Open Online

If there is one thing we learnt during the pandemic, we can do things online. Recording performances and then sharing online is a great way to put on an event. You could also arrange a composition competition, where the final entries can be shared online. You may even consider using Soundtrap to create podcasts. The more you can hand over to your students the better.

Building your calendar

Start building your calendar in July and you will have a happier September. But also be prepared to make changes during the year – we never fully know what a year will bring!

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