A-Level Key Stage 1 & 2 Revision General GCSE

Blogs to Help at Home

I thought I would pull together Blogs to Help at Home with the aim of supporting lockdown learning. I am always adding to my blogs so please do subscribe to receive updates!

Things that everyone can do at Home

  1. Listening – lots & lots of listening to music will really help students, teachers and people in general! Listening helps us to switch off and sink into some music!
  2. Reading – there is so much out there to read. I recommend The Story of Music by Howard Goodall if you haven’t read it already!
  3. Create something musical whether on an instruments, online or using a DAW.
  4. Plan your next performance, recital or concert. What will you play? Who would you like to perform with?
  5. Set Works love to be analysed, so why not analyse them!

Blogs to enjoy at Home

Please do get in touch if there is anything you would like me to cover in a blog or any ideas in general. I always aim to try and provide blogs that support students & teachers, but mainly teachers. Everything is open to interpretation and can be adapted for different settings. Do make sure you subscribe to my blog and pop back for more posts.

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